Types of Herbs For Your Home Garden

Not only useful to add flavor to the food, it turns out the use of spices in foods or beverages have a good impact on health. What are the benefits? Before that, if you want to cut the herb quickly and equally, you can visit our website and get herb scissors.

Here are some types of herbs that you can use and also you cultivate by making a home garden:

– Basil
Basil is an herbaceous plant. Part of the plant that grows on the ground is used as a medicine. Some people use it as a mouthwash. Basil is also used for loss of appetite, stomach cramps, flatulence, fluid retention, warts, kidney conditions, headache, and creeping infections. This herb is also used to treat insect and snake bites. Women sometimes use bacilli before and after childbirth to smooth the circulation of blood and breast milk.

– Fennel
Fennel is known as one that can be utilized as a natural diuretic. So make it as an alternative when you have difficulty urinating. But in consuming it to urinate smoothly, it must be in the right dose. High fiber content, making can keep good cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol commonly called LDL should always be kept within the body in order to avoid the risk of heart disease and stroke.

– Chives
Chives is a bulbous plant, but it also has long, hollow stems that are part of the edible plant. The high content of vitamin C in chives can help improve the effectiveness of the immune system by stimulating the reproduction of white blood cells and stimulating collagen production, which is an important element in the production of new blood vessels, tissues, cells, and muscles. Lutein and zeaxanthin in chives also work to reduce oxidative stress in the eye system and delay the emergence of cataracts in the eye. Both of these substances can help slow down or prevent macular degeneration, keeping your eyes healthy until old age.