Tips for making the interesting vlog videos

The first thing you should do and think about is to determine the concept of your vlog. Determine what topics you want to discuss later in the vlog. Do not discuss a topic that is too grandiose, it is suggested you discuss the topic that you like and understand reality. Can be a comedy, review, tutorial, or random tips so. For example ya ya like photography and pretty good, you can give basic tips on how to take a good photo. On the other hand, if you wish to make the attractive appearance on your vlogs, the LED Ring light can be very helpful.

Technical problem

If you already know what concept you’re going to discuss, it’s time to set up the tools to record your video. You can use a DLSR camera, camcorders, or use your smartphone card camera. Do not forget the tripods. Also, specify a location for recording noise-free video.

Time to record

Well, this is the core of vlogging activities. Record a video. There are some things you should look at when recording a video. The first is to master the topic you have created. Keep the second one, practice for clear and expressive speaking, then watch your body language.


If the recording process is complete, the next step you should do is editing. Edit specify the duration of the video you want to show and arrange the scene to make it nice to see. You can use video editing apps on your laptop like the paid Movie Maker apps or other free video editing apps.