Here are Some Tips For Blending Bags With Your Work Clothing


When working, you certainly want to look good and professional. Because your appearance will greatly affect the results of your work and how your colleagues see it. Thus, many women choose ladies briefcase very carefully because it will affect their appearance in the office.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who are wrong in combining their bags when they go to work. In fact, there are some tips that can be used when combining the bag with work clothes to look good. Some tips are

1. Customize the color of the bag with work clothes
It would be better if not all of your working clothes have the same color. If your work is brown, you can use a brown bag with different gradations. Choose one color in the work clothes that will be the color of your bag. if you are too confused, then black can be a neutral color. No need to wear the exact same color as clothing. Use colors that are older or younger in one style.

2. Selection of bags with motifs
Now, many bags that have a variety of motives. Starting from floral and so on. Bags with motifs can make your appearance more unique and not mainstream. Avoid dressing patterned pockets if you wear a patterned clothing as well. This will make your appearance look full. You can use a patterned bag by using a clothing that has a color gradation.

3. Adjust bag size with activity
Bag size should also be adjusted with your luggage. If indeed you will bring a lot of work equipment, a bag with a tote bag is the right choice because it can accommodate a lot of goods. Small sized bags such as shoulder bag or even clutch can be used on occasions that do not require a lot of work equipment. For example, just attending an office event or when going to chat with clients outside the office.