Is SEO Service Too Expensive for You?

Can you afford the SEO service, especially if you choose the experienced seo company in nyc ? Usually, people who want to use SEO services and ask how much SEO services are. This event finally inspired me to write this article so you know what the conversation is about and at the same time know the reasons why the price of SEO services in Indonesia and even around the world is not cheap. Usually, the price of SEO services is determined by several factors such as the level of competition and the target position

domain age
type of keyword

Competition Level

Obviously, this is a matter that must be considered carefully by SEO services in Indonesia. Erroneously estimating the level of competition (difficulty optimizing the website) it will have fatal consequences which usually the SEO services will experience losses, such as loss of time, loss of energy and loss of money. To find out the level of competition, of course, use two ways, namely:

– check it on Google Adwords (Google Keyword Planner)
– research

From Google Adwords, we can find out the status level competition, whether low, medium or high. Although basically medium, low and high data comes from the number of Adwords advertisements, the data is enough to be used as a reference level of SEO competition as well.

Research is needed to find out the quality of competition. With research, we will know what websites are competing for potential customers and find out if they (business messaging) use SEO services too.

If the reality is that many business competitors use SEO services, then I believe that competition for the position at the top will be heavy.

Position Target

The more consumers want to get the top position, then surely there will be an adjustment in the price of SEO services too. Logical enough to implement that.