Liposuction Isn’t Procedure for All Fat Types


Belly fat is a type of fat that is quite difficult to eliminate only by exercising or dieting. For those who want to get rid of this fat quickly can choose liposuction surgery procedures aka liposuction. However, it should be underlined that liposuction cannot provide very drastic results in a short time. The maximum safe amount of fat that can be aspirated is 3-4 liters. The more volume of fat removed in one day, the greater the risk of complications. Are you interested in continuing your research related to Sonobello prices ?

If the patient is too fat and has a lot of fat that must be removed, it is recommended to perform a separate liposuction procedure with a gap of about one month. Liposuction is also not possible for all types of excess abdominal fat. Important to know that a distended stomach cannot necessarily be treated with liposuction.

Before liposuction, the doctor will do an X-ray to see the thickness of the fat. Only later will the amount of fat be taken. The muscles around the abdomen will also be checked, whether there is a hernia or not. If it turns out there is no use of fat because it will remain distended because there is fat in the stomach wall.

In obese women, liposuction is usually not too significant because there is a part of the skin that sags so the stomach still looks big. To overcome this, in addition to liposuction, tummy tuck or pulling the skin also needs to be done.

The tummy tuck procedure can make the skin tight again, smooth, even reduce stretch marks. Also, note that the results of liposuction are not permanent. If after surgery your weight rises, then there can be a buildup of fat around the stomach even though not as big as before.