The beginner’s guide to using a vaporizer

For those of you who are new and have never used a vape/vapor before, it’s better to read a few tips below so you can better understand the characteristics of this vapor. Apart from that, you may also need to learn how to turn concentrates into e liquid.

If you are currently smoking the vapor for the first time, you should start practicing by sucking air slowly from the mouth and slowly expelling it several times.

If you have done the first step, now you can try using vape. Suction the steam released by vape slowly and little by little, do not immediately suck too much steam.

After you get used to sucking vapor little by little, now you can start increasing your vapor suction. Suction is rather strong so that the steam that will be produced will also increase.

After you get used to doing that, later you will easily and skillfully suck vape properly and safely. Do not force yourself to get a lot of steam when you first use a vape, because you will choke and cough.

Well, so actually sucking vape is like smoking a conventional cigarette, what distinguishes it is what we suck from this vape is steam, not smoke. If you still can’t use the technique above, you can try to suck it like regular smoking, later on, you will get used to it and be able to add suction strength until you are skilled at using vape.