Here’s How To Stay Healthy In The Middle Of The City That Has Pollution by Vehicles

If you live in an urban area, it would be good if you keep yourself from exposure to air pollution caused by motor vehicles. Babnyaknya vehicle can indeed cause pollution and various particles that are bad for health. So, the electric scooter singapore will greatly assist you in reducing vehicle fumes and pollution on the streets. No wonder, if now many people who use it as a form of concern for the environment.

However, the pollution that is on the road is difficult to eliminate or even reduced. Even inside your own home, it is believed there is a lot of pollution that is wandering and threatening the health of you and your family. Especially for you who live in urban areas that are very vulnerable to various pollution.
People living in the area of ??the garden will certainly have the potential to get health problems. So, is there any way they can live healthy even in a polluted environment?

Although it seems unrelated, health experts say if improving diet will greatly affect the health of people living in the polluted environment. By consuming a lot of foods rich in antioxidants, we will have a body that has a strong filter against various free radicals and pollution. Usually, food from fresh fruits or vegetables is very good to be consumed every day for a better immune system. In addition, often consume foods rich in vitamin C and magnesium since these nutrients are able to protect the lungs from asthma or bronchitis.

If we are frequently exposed to air pollution from everyday travel, especially from motor vehicle exhaust emissions, try to frequently wear masks that can protect us from air pollution. In addition, tight clothing can also provide maximum protection for our body from a variety of free radicals and pollution.