The easy tips for your AC maintenance

Try to keep your AC always in service every 3-5 months so that air circulation is always smooth and clean for the convenience of the family for ac maintenance services visit to get fast and precise services.

Indeed, the AC looks like a hero of air conditioning, but if it continues to be turned on all day, it will accelerate the life of the air conditioner, which can cause damage to the engine. In order to extend the life of the air conditioner or keep it more durable, it certainly requires regular attention and maintenance.

In addition, do not set the temperature below 20 degrees Celsius

Setting the temperature below 20 degrees will make the AC engine work extra continuously and become wasteful of energy. The components are forced to work hard at all times, and instead become faster damaged, bro. Like a motorbike engine, the gas continues to not stop.

An air conditioner is not an air cooler. Even though the air that comes out of the air conditioner is only cold air (can’t heat out). So set the AC temperature according to the comfortable room temperature, which is 23 degrees.

Choose air conditioners that are economical and efficient, not those that can cool to the coldest.

It is better not to sleep using a blanket because the blanket will raise the temperature that has been cooled from the air conditioner. So the use of blankets actually does not save electricity. Should the temperature be stable at 23 degrees, humans can sleep comfortably.