Clean Carpet From Dirt After Flooding In This Way

The flood entering the house will cause the house to become dirty and so will all the furniture in it. One of the furniture that is very difficult to clean after the flood is the carpet. So, now there is that can clean the flooded carpet in your house.

After the flood hit your house, then the carpet that is in the house must be cleaned just like other furniture. To clean the carpet, almost the same as cleaning the mattress, you just need to splash clean water on the front and back so that the dirt out. After that remove the rest of the water by trampling or using a rubber bend commonly used to dry water on the floor. Brush the carpet with baby shampoo and try to keep it in the same direction with the carpet fiber so that the carpet is not damaged, then flush back with clean water. Once clean, dry it in the sun.

That way, the carpet you can still use and no longer filled with dirt.