Improving the Performance of Your Car With These Ways

For most of us, the appearance of the car that we have sometimes is still lacking. That is why, many have modified their favorite car to look maximum, in accordance with the mind of the owner. Apparently, this also applies to the car innards sector. Everyone can go to the site of 0-60 times when they have the interest or plan for the car performance improvement. Well, you are one of those people who feel that car performance is not in accordance with your character? Here are 4 ways that can be done to improve car performance.


1. Replace Kenalpot

Tipping the muffler is a basic trick to increase the power of the car. Exhaust replacement can improve performance up to 15 percent, whereas if you just replace the header and muffler, it can only boost performance by 5 percent. However, keep in mind that not all types of know-how can increase the power and performance of the car to the maximum, we must adjust to the ability of the car itself, in the manual car replace the filter with an open water, while the automatic car should not be replaced with an open water filter but a replacement filter.

2. ECU manipulation

Manipulating standard ECU (Electronic Control Unit) data by using an additional device called Piggyback, can add power to 10 percent. Even though the increased power of the device can make the car not wasteful. You see, Piggyback is able to adjust the fuel requirements needed by the engine. To add this one tool, we can prepare a budget ranging from 4.5 million to 6 million.

3. Porting and Polish

This is an effort to raise the top hole of the machine, and the part is smoothed so that the flow of fuel and air is smooth. If the PNP is carried out precisely or correctly, the effect is that the engine pull becomes lighter, the engine breath is longer, spontaneous acceleration and fuel consumption are also more efficient.

4. Install Turbo

Installing the Turbo device is quite classified as a car modification that is quite extreme. Because the increase in power produced can reach more than 50 percent., There are many considerations and calculations that we must pay attention to when we want to install this one device.