Choosing the right golf club for the driving range training

Players must also choose the right golf club when practicing at the driving range. Actually, the golfer can choose any number of iron sticks. As for the beginners, it will be easier to practice using iron sticks, hybrids or large numbered wood and then switch to smaller numbers. Aside from that, feel free to visit whenever you’re looking for great golf courses that you can visit in Bangkok.

Usually, iron sticks are used starting from iron number 9, 8 or 7 which has a more gentle slope angle. By trying each type of golf club, you can recognize which stick is the best to use in the field later. For example, you can use a driver to reach a 200-meter ball range, number 5 iron stick to reach a distance of 150 meters and 8 iron sticks to reach 100 meters.

Although it’s just for training, remember that you need everything that you can get in order to improve the quality of your shots. Therefore, practicing in the driving range with the right choice of clubs will be helpful, and you’ll be used to the club during the certain situations in a real golf competition.