Tips to Save Money When Going to The Movie Theater

One of the hobbies of most people is watching movies. Every time there is a new film, you are also interested in watching it. However, it cannot be denied, the price of a watch ticket is not cheap. Go to find the information about AMC ticket prices. If you watch twice a week, you certainly know how much money must be spent. Not to mention, funds for snacks during watching. To reduce expenses without sacrificing hobbies, do the following 5 ways.

Choose a simple theater

For those of you who live in big cities, the choice of cinema to watch is quite a lot. Of course, each place offers different comfort and prices, especially in terms of the type of theater. To save money, of course, regular cinema can be an option.

Watch on weekdays

Cinema ticket prices on weekdays and weekends are different. It’s not impossible, watching ticket prices on Saturdays and Sundays can double at the end of the week. Every now and then do it, it’s okay. Well, if every week, can make a hole bag. Take advantage of working days to watch together with friends.

Follow cinema social media accounts

Sometimes the cinema offers promos for certain films. Therefore, do not hesitate to follow their social media accounts. Not bad, right, if there is a paid promo of 1 for 2 tickets. Or, get a drink and snack promo when buying a ticket.

Diligently join the quiz watching together

Production houses from films often hold watching together in collaboration with the media or certain parties. Therefore, take advantage of these moments to get free tickets.

Take advantage of credit card promotions

A number of banks work with cinemas to provide promos if the audience uses their debit cards, e-wallets, or credit cards. It is not uncommon to buy 1 get 2 promos, exchange tickets with card points, or buy tickets at 50%. Diligently open cinema sites to find out what banks are working together to provide the promo.