Excellence Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover with Evoque type is one type SUV or Crossover car that is completed with a compact body that is offered in two versions of the car or five doors and three doors which is also known as the Range Rover Evoque Coupe. Range Rover Evoque is presented as a car that uses the front-wheel drive and also four-wheel drive options for offroad purposes. This car is produced as a vehicle for young families, formerly Range Rover Evoque presented in Land Rover LRX concept which until then ni design does not leave the concept even Range Rover claims that the SUV is the lightest, smallest and efficient type ever produced by Land Rover. As for the Range Rover Evoque with features, 4 wheel drive, 240 horsepower, leather upholstery with memory sear and heater, electric seats with 13 combinations, DVD monitor, 5 cameras, GPS and all of this you can get in www.rangerovercarhire.com.

Perform this car equipped with 2000 cc petrol engine and 4 cylinder turbo that can generate power up to 237 horsepower. This car is also presented in a version of 2200 cc diesel engine that can generate power 187 horsepower. Range Rover Evoque can run up to speeds of 100 km per hour from a rest position in just 7.6 seconds for the gasoline engine version. The embedded Driveline Active technology serves to adjust the car drive system that can be tailored to the needs of the driver. This car also has MagneRide magnetic adaptive dampers that are standard tools in the Range Rover Evoque and will make the car feel comfortable and stable when crossing the bend and minimize body roll.

Evoque offers a great driving experience while being used for long trips. Any road conditions can be taken even if the shock will be felt when using a tire with 20 inches. Its weight reaches 1,640 kg which can cause understeer when driven in high speed around the corner but its steering precision with a fairly fast turnaround.